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  Northwoods Summer
   Solstice Gathering

  June 21-23 2002

We, (a bunch of witches), are putting on a Summer Solstice festival in the Pacific northwest. It will be located about 30 minutes from Bellingham, WA  The dates will be June 21st-23rd 2002.  Included will be free classes and workshops, bands, drumming circles, vendors, a reenactment of the ancient sun mythos, group circles, games, food vendors, camping etc.  We are expecting about 300 people.  Advertising will be done throughout Washington and British Columbia.  There will be limited advertising in other states as well.  There are about 10 of us that are organizing this event to ensure it's success.  We all have diverse backgrounds and are all practitioners.

The focus of the festival will be on the sun and transformation.  We would like to create a feel of going on a spiritual journey.

Tickets will be $45 for all 3 days (including camping), or $90 including food.

Email me at:  for more info.

We are looking for:

Sponsors - people/stores to donate $20 to have their logo and address on
all of the advertising.  Our advertising budget is approx. $1000.

Vendors - people/stores to sell their wares during the 3 days.  The vendor
fee is $20 plus admission for each person.

Stores for ticket sales:  We are looking for a few stores in each area
willing to sell tickets, either for a low fee or in exchange for having
your store listed as a ticket sales location.

Speakers:  Individuals with a strong knowledge of their particular topic.
Each of the speakers that we have confirmed so far have at least 5-10 years
of experience as practitioners of their workshop topic.

Bands:  Who are willing to play for free!  We will be handing out a percentage
of profits to each band depending on popularity at the end of the event.
However, don't count on it, you never know.

Volunteers:  We need a few more people who are willing to work their butts
off during the weekend in exchange for reduced admission.

Email me at:  for more info.

                        BB Athena