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This is a list of bands which will be performing at Midsumer In The Northwoods. Currently we have one band:


Parnassus is a seven member Wiccan vocal group from Vancouver, BC who perform traditional Craft songs and original pieces based on the beliefs of Wicca and Paganism. The music reflects their spiritual tradition - songs which show reverence for the Earth and the balance of the God and Goddess. Their music also draws on themes such as the wheel of the year, chants that invoke the elements, ballads inspired by delight in life, magick and the playfulness of imagination.

They are primarily an acapella singing group which uses djembe drumming to augment the blend of harmonies and varied vocal ranges.

Parnassus is working towards their first CD, which will be released in early 2003. They currently have a seven song demo CD available for purchase.

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Please take time to enjoy their music at

The members of Parnassus are:

Wendy Avis, Dennis Chesworth, Jamie Field, Mojo Kemp,
Kelly Kent, Sue Parker and Linda Reid.