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Friday Lunch:
Wraps with Jasmine Rice, Turkey, or cucumber, tomatoe, lettuce, cheese, (optional) with Pesto sauce.

Friday Dinner: Teriyaki Chicken or Tofu with whole wheat bread and a side gaurden salad over rice.

Saterday Breakfast: Fresh Fruit salad with Granola cerial with Milk or Rice dream for vegetarians.

Saturday Lunch: Hamburger or Garden Burger with optional cheese, tomato, lettice, onion, pickels and all the condiments. Comes with a side of corn chips.

Saturday Dinner: Slow wood smoked Beef Briskitte with homemade BBQ sauce. Comes with lightly Buttered carrots and broccoli and whole wheat bread OR curried chickpea Daahl with saffron rice.

Sunday Breakfast: Breakfast Burritos! Fresh potatoes, refried Beans, cheese, scambled eggs, sausage, and peppers wrapped in a large tortilla OR fresh potatoes, refied beans, tofu scramble, tomatoe, lettice, and peppers with optional cheese.

Sunday Lunch: Spaghetti with homeade sauce and parmesaen cheese. Meat sauce: Ground Beef, mushrooms, onion, garlic and spices. Veggie Sauces: Zuccinni, green peppers, onion, garlic, mushrooms.