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Out of the Woods Pagans Invite you to join them for a spiritual journey through
Midsummer in the Northwoods
A Summer Solstice Festival for the Pacific Northwest Registration Form

No pets!

The deadline for registration is June 7th. All registrations must be in by this date or you will not be registered.

1. ______________________________________________________________
2. ______________________________________________________________
3. ______________________________________________________________
4. ______________________________________________________________
5. ______________________________________________________________
Put letters appropriate for your category beside your name. (eg. "b." if you will be giving a workshop)

a.) Vendor? (additional $20 per 12' X 12' space) _____ Products to be sold __________ Contact us to reserve space.
b.) Workshop leader? _____ (Contact Athena for approval) Name of workshop ______________________________
c.) Volunteer ($20 discount) _________ Days/hours you wish to help ______________________________________
d.) Coordinator: _______
e.) Medic ________ (your in free/free food) Certificate/s held __________________
f.) Entertainment (if interested email or mail mp3/cd to be pre-approved) _______
g.) Keynote speaker _________ Workshop title: _______________________________________________

May you never Hunger! Please pay in advance if possible so we can plan ahead for quantity. Thanks!
Full Meals for entire weekend: $35
Individual Meal Tickets Breakfast: $3 each
Individual Meal Tickets Lunch: $5 each
Individual Meal Tickets Dinner: $7 each

** Meal tickets will NOT be available for purchase during the event. **

If purchasing meal tickets please state meal preference:
       Omnivore (meat) _______ Herbivore (Vegetarian) _______ Veganivore (Vegan)_________

Please list all food allergies: ______________________________________________

Special needs?:
       Wheelchair _________ Other_______
How you will be arriving?:
       Car: _____ Willing to offer carpool for (#of people): ______
I Need a carpool ride from: _______ Bicycle: ______

Address: _________________________________________
City: ______________ State: ____________________ Zip: _____
Phone # _______________________ Cel. __________________
Email addy: ____________________________

       Over 18 _____ Under 18 (must be accompanied by legal guardian) ______ Under 10 ______

Number of tents? Basic registration is max 1 tent per person ________
RV (no hook-ups available) _________
       Important: RV's are in free, but you must notify us ahead of time.

Registration fees:
One day (Saturday): Adults ($25) _____ | Kids ($20) _______
Adult: $45 (no matter how many or few days you stay) # of people _____ X $45 = _________
Child: 12 & Under FREE! | 13 to 17 $20 ______
Vendor space:____ $25 _________

Applicable discounts a. b. c. d. e. f. g. (only one discount per person) - _________

T-shirts_______ Sizes ______ X $15 per shirt _________

Total: _________

Payment method:
       Check: _____ Money order: ______ Paypal/Credit card via paypal: _______

If sending payment via paypal, send it to the account (there will be a $2 charge)

Send completed registration form with payment to:

3930 Meridian, Ste. C PMB#43
Bellingham, WA 98226
A festival Packet will be forthcoming. Thank you for registraring and we look forward to meeting you.

Blessed Be,