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3-6pm vendor setup
3-10pm staff setup, some wish to come early, some after work
Gate open 9am-11pm
11am - doors officially open
12noon - official lunch break
1-5pm Kabbalah for Wiccans workshop by DMK
2-3pm Reiki workshop by Sajy
3-4pm Skyclad workshop (discussion with clothes on) by Betsy
4-5pm Labrynth workshop by Marcus
5-6pm orientation/welcoming
6pm official dinner break
7pm Opening ritual by Raven Lunatic
8pm Drumming
9:30pm Skyclad ritual by Betsy
Gates open from 7am - 8pm
8am - Official breakfast break
9am - Flower essances workshop by Dianna Pepper
10-11:30 - Bellydancing in ritual workshop by Lorelei
10am - Chanting/ Coven issues workshops by Bronwynn
11am - Sambul by Bronwynn (let me check on this
12noon- Main ritual by CMC
1pm - official lunch break
2-6pm - Talismans and Amulets workshop by DMK
2-3:30pm - Meditation, cave of five fools by Sajy
4-5pm - OPEN
5-6pm - OPEN
6-7pm - official dinner break
7-8pm - OPEN
8:30 Music by Parnassus and Fiddler
10-11:30pm - Faery ball
Gates open 7am - 2pm, unless they would like to help cleanup :)
8-9am official breakfast break
9am-12noon Workshops or discussion panel or networking/community etc.

There are no workshops booked so this may be a great opportunity for everyone to meet fellow pagans.

11am lunch
12noon - closing ritual

I still need to schedual in community circle/guick welcoming sometime on Saturday.
If there is anything I have forgotten please let me know.

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