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This is a list of the vendors who will be at the Midsummer event:
Crafts of The Craft - Incense

Jake Caldwell: Seated Message

Domestic Goddess: Bath salts, oils

Magickal Mehendi: - Henna Body Art

Pioneer Books: Books, incense, altar cloths, sage wands, pendulums, candels, jewlery.

Sajy: - Small dragons and other sculptures (perhaps some shamanic and altar pieces). Self published stories and poetry.

Jake Caldwell: Seated message

Raven's Spirits: A home-based store out of Tacoma

Tree Frog Farm: - Flower essences, tinctures, herbs, bath salts, soaps.

Witches' Realm:

Shards of Bifrost: - Beaded Jewlery

Sky Fire Forge: Knives, walking sticks.

Creative Works: -

Here is a description of some of our vendors:

Raven's Spirits:

The following is a general list of the most popular items we carry:
Portable Altar Kits:
These Kits are designed by myself and sold only through Raven's Spirits at this time. I am currently getting bids from several manufactures so the Kits can be sold wholesale nation wide.
Sterling Silver Necklaces, Charms and Pendants
Incense and Incense Holders
Pagan & Celtic Scarves
Miniature Athemes
Hand Crafted Witch Brooms
Pagan Rosaries, Crystal Pendants and Stones
Miniature Candles and Pillar Candles
Candle Holders, Herb Soaps, Plus More!